Integrity Security Systems

Integriti is a new generation Integrated Access Control, Security Alarm and Automation System by Inner Range. It is the result of more than 20 years of continuous industry participation and product development, and just like its famous predecessor (The Concept 4000), Integriti sets new industry standards.

The Integriti Security Management System is an IP connected access control and intruder detection security system intended for centralized security management of systems operating at a single site or multiple sites across the country or across the globe.

It is designed for global management of the entire system and a system can vary in size, starting from a very small single site, right through to a system with very large numbers of users, doors and events, spread across sites in different regions, continents and time zones.

It provides real-time monitoring and control of physical field hardware devices, as well as centralised data, alarms and event gathering from all locations.

The Integriti Security Management System is designed to cater for future growth. It is scalable, ready for integration with third-party systems, and steadily being improved and expanded with more modular options. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

Why Choose Integriti?

 Integriti, whilst feature complete, is at the early stages of its product development life-cycle. Your return on investment is optimised as the typical operational life-expectancy of an Inner Range system is measured in decades.
 Integriti boasts powerful, yet intuitive, cardholder permission programming. The use of “Allow” and “Deny” functions greatly simplify system administration. Operator training, and associated costs, are minimal.
 Detailed forensic Audit of Operator actions and programming changes, with ability to “roll-back” to any historic point.
 Integriti includes a feature-rich suite of tools such as graphical maps, powerful reporting, card printing, alarm management, compliance based access control, email/SMS/pager communications and much, much more.
 Mobile Apps for Apple and Android are available for remote monitoring and control.
 The Integriti system enables cardholder location and activity information to be shared with Building Management Systems, Air-Conditioning and Lighting systems to reduce the energy costs associated with these services. This represents real cost savings to the business
 The Integriti system can share cardholder data with your company’s Active Directory, Employee Database, Payroll System, Student Database or Booking System to reduce the labour costs associated with data entry and cardholder record management.
 Integriti supports a wide range of non-proprietary cards, readers, locks, detectors and other peripheral devices. You are not locked into buying the manufacturers specific consumables or peripheral components. A choice of vendors gives you the competitive advantage.
 Integriti is a non-proprietary system. You have a wide choice of competent security companies from which to choose. Refer to the Inner Range website for the details of recommended companies.
 Inner Range does not impose annual license fees or mandatory Software Maintenance Agreements. Consider the Total Cost of Ownership over the system’s lifetime when comparing an Inner Range system to others. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.