Inner Range Concept 4000 Control SystemThe Concept 4000 Control System hardware platform, combined with the Insight software suite, delivers unrivaled integrated security and access control.

The Concept 4000 Control System is a modular integrated hardware platform offering you an expandable, flexible and highly secure Access Control, Security/Intruder Detection and Building Automation package.

Wonderfully powerful as either a state of the art intruder alarm system or a fully featured access control system. It is however, through the integration of these two applications that the system delivers its compelling advantages: Reduced equipment cost, lower installation and maintenance costs, simpler and more practical system management, complementary functionality to name just a few.

Concept 4000 offers an extensive range of high-level integration options to many other leading vendors in areas such as building management, automation, lift control, ERP and payroll systems. With breathtaking high-level video integration finally providing intruder alarm, access control and CCTV in one ‘state of the art’ solution.

Concept hardware coupled with Insight software delivers an unrivaled and truly unique, integrated solution.

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