Multipath-IP is a state of the art multiple path IP alarm transmission system designed for low cost monitoring through to high security applications.

The Multipath-IP T4000 security communicator device utilises leading edge internet protocol (IP) based technologies, combined with traditional alarm reporting systems to deliver critical alarm events to the monitoring centre via a secure, reliable and lightning-fast system. High security monitoring is achieved using a polled communication system where field hardware modules (STUs) communicate with the monitoring control room at intervals as frequently as every 10 seconds. If these polls fail to be delivered within the allocated time Multipath-IP is an agile solution which will attempt to re-establish the connection to the monitoring station using an alternative path via connected Ethernet or second Telco provider.
If a failed connection cannot be re-established within a pre-determined time then an alarm is raised within the monitoring station. Multipath-IP supports most existing alarm systems and is an ideal upgrade from traditional dial up systems and the perfect replacement for outdated technologies such as direct line. Multipath-IP is independently certified to Australian standard AS2201.5 class 5 which is the highest IP monitoring standard available.

Benefits of Multipath IP:

  • A Multipath IP communication devices are compatible with most alarm systems, competitively priced and easy to install and connect to our control room.
  • 24/7 Always on Security Monitoring.
  • Compliant with most major insurance companies requirements.
  • Multipath IP is a wireless connection to your alarm system and therefore reduces the risk of a burglar disconnecting your alarm system. A Multipath IP communication device cannot be interfered with by a potential intruder from outside. The alarm would be activated before a burglar could compromise the security alarm.
  • With business and homeowners steering away from landlines in favour of mobile phones alarm monitoring needs to be wireless.
  • No ongoing phone charges, you will only pay your set quarterly monitoring fee.
  • A Multipath IP monitored alarm is not affected by the NBN rollout as it is not utilising a phone line to communicate with the monitoring control room.
  • A Multipath IP monitored alarm will be able to communicate during power outages.
  • The T4000 device can leverage Inner Range’s SkyCommand App, allowing the user remote arming and control of their alarm system.

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Back to Base Multipath Alarm Monitoring

Your alarm will be connected to our monitoring station, which is manned by experienced personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event that your security alarm is triggered, our station is immediately alerted and your preferred alarm event procedures are swiftly actioned to ensure the security of your premises. This type of monitoring is particularly important for businesses that rely on monitoring to protect their people and assets and to comply with insurance requirements.

  • Multipath IP Alarm Monitoring $52.50/month

Event Notifications

With Sky Command’s leading edge message routing, you can monitor your own device with extremely reliable delivery and fast response times via push notifications or email. These event notifications can be in place of back to base alarm monitoring or in addition to.

  • Basic App Subscription + Single SIM $16/month
  • Basic App Subscription + Dual SIM $20/month

T4000 Router

Your T4000 can be used as a router, allowing devices connected to it to access the internet. This is a monthly limit, if the data limit is reached then router functionality is disabled for the remainder of the month. Alarm reporting will still continue as normal.

  • T4000 Router Data 40MB $24/month
  • T4000 Router Data 500MB $40/month
  • T4000 Router Data 1GB $58/month
  • T4000 Router Data 2GB $84/month
*All prices listed are inclusive of GST