Check_your_tradieThe topic of licensed tradesman has once again come to the forefront as a result of the repair works required after the recent flood damage throughout the countries south. It is reported that a lot of these homeowners are looking for ways to save a few bucks by using the “I know a guy who knows a guy” mentality when contracting tradie’s for home repairs and renovations. According to a survey released by Fair Trading, the startling reality is that most of these trades’ people are either unlicensed or not appropriately licensed.
A valid license ensures that the person carrying out the trade work is appropriately skilled and qualified to do so. As such, their work is covered by their company insurance and your home insurance will not be void should anything happen as a result of the works carried out. The only way to fully ensure that the work done on your premises is 100% up to scratch is to utilise the free license check available on the Fair Trading website.
Results from the survey showed that nearly 90% of all homeowners don’t bother to run license numbers through the Fair Trading website prior to giving the go-ahead on a project.
It takes 2 minutes to run the numbers. Is it honestly not worth 2 minutes of your time to avoid risking damage to your property or substandard work performed by unskilled workers?

Electronic Security providers are required to have a Security Firm License and Open Cabling License. Aztech Integrated Systems have both a Class 1 & 2 Security Firm License and an Open cabling Registration. We have also recently been audited by ASIAL (and passed of course!) for professional compliance in accordance with the requirements of the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

So remember next time you need a tradesman…Don’t play Russian roulette with your home. Double-check your tradie’s license and protect your largest investment.