Make sure you are using a Licensed Tradesman

The topic of licensed tradesman has once again come to the forefront as a result of the repair works required after the recent flood damage throughout the countries south. It is reported that a lot of these homeowners are looking for ways to save a few bucks by using the “I know a guy […]

Home Security Update: Lock up before you hop off this Easter

Lock up before you hop off this Easter
Remember to lock up this Easter holiday break. With many people taking the opportunity to go away for a long weekend, thieves will be on the lookout for your valuables!
At Aztech Integrated Systems, we encourage householders to pay particular attention to home security during the holiday periods. […]

Business Security: Prevent shoplifting & increase profits

Are you in full control of your business security? Can you clearly identify every patron that walks through your doors? Do you know what your staff are doing when you are not there?

Retail industry research has shown that reducing shoplifting by as little as 3% can result in a profit increase of 25%.

Aztech Integrated […]

Crime is rising on the Gold Coast

Crime is rising on the Gold Coast. Police statistics show that Gold Coast Crime has risen in the last twelve months. (source: 06.01.2015)

Given this increase in local crime, is your home and business adequately protected from unauthorised entry?

Aztech Integrated Systems have all your needs covered from Surveillance Cameras, Security Alarms, Access Control and Intercom […]