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Aztech Integrated Systems have a lot of experience when it comes to Inner Range Applications. We were the principal security installation contractor on over 60 of the Jetts Gym Franchises in Queensland. We are also a partner in the New Zealand company responsible for the Jetts NZ security installations and were directly involved in works on some of the early clubs in the Auckland area.

As such, Aztech Integrated Systems has a lot of experience in 24/7 Gym security requirements, the Inner Range Security platform and its integration into gym/fitness membership software.

Integrating your Gym/Fitness Membership software with Inner Range Access Control

Whether you have one gym or an entire nation-wide chain, the Inner Range platform is the right choice. The reputable Inner Range system has proven to be future proof, incredibly cost-effective and scalable to meet ever increasing demands. More and more, integration is becoming critical to business growth. Gym and fitness club owners need to take full control of their membership and access control packages, especially in 24/7 applications. The renowned Inner Range Security and Access Control platform delivers a more than capable security solution and also integrates to a wide variety of gym/fitness membership software systems.

Just some of the many benefits of an integrated system include:

  • A single synchronised database. Program members through the gym software and automatically the member database will be synchronised with the Access Control database.
  • Powerful reporting. Door Access events can be reported back to the gym membership software. Know who has accessed what doors at what times, who has been denied access and even know how many members are currently in your gym at any one time.
  • Less training required for your staff. The gym management software can manage all members and their access control permissions, therefore staff only need to learn one software package.
  • Reduced costs. Management processes are made more efficient, thereby saving time and reducing costs. In addition, gym owners are empowered to easily track unauthorised or illegal door access (e.g. members sharing access cards with non-members).
  • Integration with other systems. The Inner Range platform is truly that, a platform. Leverage already existing integrations with other ‘best-of-breed’ systems such as CCTV, Biometrics, Building Automation, Mobile Duress and many more, to create a state-of-the-art system that your customers will certainly talk about.

The Inner Range system currently integrates with the following gym/fitness software packages:

  • Clubware
  • intelliFITNESS
  • MindBodyOnline
  • Flexware
  • iConnect360 Gladstone (more are on the way!)

Integration features may vary depending upon the gym membership software.

Just some of our customers enjoying the benefits of an Inner Range system include:

  • Jetts Gyms
  • Plus Fitness
  • Envie Fitness Gyms
  • Fernwood Fitness & Many more!