Electronic Security Provider NeuroPhysics Therapy Clinic incorporating Altitude Coorparoo is now open and offers one of the most advanced forms of Training and Rehabilitation in the world. The treatment is a unique exercise-based program, which activates the nervous system in such a way that stimulates the body to re-organize itself and return to optimal function – often in remarkable timescales. It has helped thousands of clients ranging from spinal cord injuries and chronic pain sufferers to athletes and those seeking to improve their physical and emotional well being.

As the security installer , we were tasked with supplying a CCTV solution which would not only ensure duty of care and the safety of the clinics clients but also provide the clinics manager a tool  for monitoring their state-of-the-art equipment. Aaron turned to Mobotix to provide a technically advanced IP based surveillance solution to satisfy the clients needs and budget. The Mobotix hemispheric camera design meant that high resolution image quality could be achieved using less cameras while still ensuring sufficient surveillance coverage of the site. Access to the fully featured Mobotix software package was included free of charge and free of ongoing licence fees, making the system versatile and self-manageable well into the future.

The renowned Mobotix range of 6MP Hemispheric IP Cameras offered the most capable surveillance solution in this particular setting. Standard features of these cameras include a light-sensitive day or night sensor with 6MP Moonlight Technology, a microSD memory card and the latest camera software including MxActivitySensor and the MxAnalytics video analysis tools (person and object counting, heat map display of high-traffic areas). The integrated Lowlight Exposure Optimisation (MxLEO) facilitates high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated surroundings.

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